Maurizio is One of Us

Maurizio Babbo has been an Innovation Maker at Altran Italy since 2013. He has worked in space operations within the Aerospace and Defense industry, as a Spacecraft Operations engineer for two major european space missions: ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) and GALILEO (the European Navigation Satellite System).

Currently, he works as a Strategy and Flight Forecast Engineer within Altran’s Simulation Team at Solar Impulse, which is currently undertaking its round-the-world tour. Read more…


Nils is One of Us

Nils Steyaert has been a consultant at Altran Benelux since 2011. As a business architect, he is specialized in process modeling, data integrity and team leading, mostly for the Energy sector. His main client is Elia, an electric power transmission system operator in Belgium, where he helps to install a new control system for the Belgian national power grid. Additionally, he teaches business process modelling within Altran and coaches new consultants. Read more…

Abhisekh Tripathy_Altran_OneofUs

Abhisekh is One of Us

Abhisekh Tripathy has been an Innovation Maker in Altran India since 2015. He has been working as an internal communication manager for the communications department. His responsibilities span from internal communications, through social media and to public relations for Altran India.
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Cristina is One of Us

Cristina Batalha has been an Innovation Maker at Altran Portugal since 2012. She has been working as an advanced consultant with an assignment at the General Business mainly in projects for public sector companies within Government industry.

Her main activities include the definition and implementation of initiatives to optimize processes and organizations. She also works as change management consultant and she is always looking for new challenges and ways to learn new things. Read more…


Fran is One of Us

Fran Maestre has been an Innovation Maker for Altran Spain since 2006. He has been working as a consultant within the mechanical engineering solution within Aerospace and Defense industry and as a design leader on aerostructures projects.

Currently, he works in mechanical analysis and optomechanical design (optical engineering), more specifically on components for the European telescope E-ELT, one of the largest optical/ near-infrared telescope in the world. This brand new telescope will gather 15 times more light than in the biggest optical telescopes existing nowadays.

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Manjunath Jinuru_OneofUs_picture

Manjunath is One of Us

Manjunath Jinuru has been an Innovation Maker for Altran India since 2009. As an advanced consultant, Manjunath is assigned to Automotive, Infrastructure and Transport industry. Currently, Manjunath is working on Ford UK HIL Validation (User Acceptance testing).

Manjunath’s most significant experience was the verification and validation of GEN_ATBL software in compliance with CENELEC 50128 (a security standard within railway industry) guidelines, one of his first project within Altran.

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Carl-Martin Landquist

Carl-Martin is One of Us

Carl-Martin Landquist has been an Innovation Maker for Altran Scandinavia since 2014. He has been working as a business manager within the Aerospace and Defence industry and is in charge of developing innovative products.

Carl-Martin is also one of the winners of THE i PROJECT season 3 (Altran internal innovation contest) with his project Pick by Light. Read more…

Christopher Muth

Christopher is One of Us

Christopher Muth, has been an Innovation Maker for Altran Germany since 2012. He has been working as a consultant in Energy and Life Sciences industries. He worked formerly as a mathematician and was seized by a passion for intelligent energy.

Christopher is also one of the winners of THE i PROJECT season 2 and 3 (Altran internal innovation contest) with the project Stea2m.

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Groupe Altran, partenaire officiel de Solar Impulse

Eleonora Grava, seven months in the Altran’s Simulation Team on Solar Impulse Project. Testimony.

Finding the right flight path at the right time, factoring in all sorts of technical and meteorological parameters. Working under pressure, for up to 20 hours non-stop, adrenaline pumping from the thrill of working on a project in a class of its own. A human and technological adventure, right in the international media spotlight. That was Eleonora Grava’s life from March to July 2015.  Read more…


James is One of Us

James Daigle has been an Innovation Maker for Altran USA since 2005. He has been working as an engineer supervisor for Energy, Industry and Life Sciences industry. His main task is to work on plant life cycle management, safety and reliability in the nuclear and fossil power industries.

Apart from work, James likes to play with his children at home, in Wilmington, Massachusetts. He also likes cooking, spending time reading and watching science-fiction, fantasy and astronomy.

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